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"Meet the team & the origins of our vision of freedom"

Combine your favourite designs with the colours you prefer!

About our brand

Our brand, SluntSwear was founded with the aim to offer a unique and colourful selection of t-shirts, hoodies and gym wear for all those people who are into sports, casual street wear and mostly: want to BE FREE TO LOOK COOL IN THEIR OWN SKIN! The clothing idea was born, designed and our team founded in 2020 as the result of a family run business and, as such, all the clothing is custom made, screen printed by hand. Meet the team who is working on realizing our colourful vision, outfits and designs! Not only you will be able to choose the colours of your tops, but you will also be able to combine your favourite design to go with it! We do not have a huge warehouse or storage, therefore we make your t-shirts and hoodies the way you most desire them.

We are also donating 1 euro for every sold item in support of saving the whales!


The man behind the name is Baz, who's nickname has inspired us to bring his "own lifestyle" in our vision.

Our brand represents everything we believe in, freedom & spontaneity, in support of the courage to stand up for yourself

and be who you are at all times!

Dare 2 Swear to your own freedom, your own persona, your own ideas! We Swear By It!

Bazza - The Creator

Sluntswear, our streetwear and urban wear creator, our boss Baz. Dare2swear.com

Vinni - The Visionary behind the scenes

Dare2swear, visionnaire of this new line for Sluntswear streetwear and urban wear clothing. Shop now on Sluntswear.com

Collaborator: Bali alias "Biaz"

Best Graffiti Art & Tattoo Artist

Graffiti Line hoodies and tops designed by graphic and tattoo artist Biaz for Sluntswear.com


Gianluca Ricotta alias "Giambu"      

Voice Over Artist from Milan, Italy

Gianlu voice over artist for our Save the Whales donation and Ocean rescue initiative. With Sluntswear and Dare2swear.com

Our Vision and Message

Sluntswear is dedicated to give you the choice of wearing the colours you love! Each order is custom made, screen printed by hand.

Our vision is to reach and empower the people around the world to free their mind & their styles by allowing them to choose their wear. 

The Lines we offer are for everyone, but our peeps are also inline & roller skaters, skateboarders, skiers, snowboarders and those who love active sports.

The Sluntswear & Dare2swear vision is aimed for those who want to give their street wear a new meaning, and that can't say no to looking good!