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Help us save the Whales save our world!

Sluntswear streetwear clothing brand: we will donate 1 euro after every sale to save the whales process CO2 and save our world!

Imagine if you could restore the ocean's population and help our planet process CO2 much quicker than ever.

We would like to show you how, & that together we can!

Help us save the whales, we will donate 1 euro after each sale we make in support to safe the whales and the Ocean world.

For years we have grown an interest in the marine world and its saving from plastic, litter and all the bad changes that the so called "technologically advanced" society brings to its inhabitants. We have learned some amazing things we would love to share with you and spread the knowledge!

It would only take 200 blooms a year to fully restore the whale population that could in exchange naturally sink (by the natural death of a whale) up to 1.9 billion tonnes of CO2 a year instead of releasing this amount (equal to 410,000 cars off the road!) in the atmosphere when they are killed and processed. When you consider that whale lifespans generally range from 20 to 100 years, but vary by species as some also reach 200 years of age (like the bowhead whales!!), by restoring their world and their lives in their natural homes the decrease of CO2 they would help us absorb in return would be an incredible amount!


We have decided to adopt our first whale through WDC (Whales and Dolphins Conservation USA) in support of the conservation of the marine world and Eco-system and to educate our followers to know more of these beautiful animals, these gigantic mammals who not only need help to repopulate their natural homes, but also could help us keep our world livable for longer.


Sluntswear would like to make a difference and offer our small support towards this great cause in the restoration of the marine life

as we know it & the marine living creatures within!

     For every item sold, we will donate 1€ to the



Sluntswear.com is raising donation for saving the whales and our planet against CO2. If you want to help us make a difference, shop now on sluntswear.com

Meet Pepper - our adopted humpback whale!

What prompted us to adopt Pepper is the fact that she is a humpback whale that stands out in the crowd, in fact, at WDC they call her a "southpaw", but we call her a "goofie" instead! Pepper has been identified in 1976 and she is also a loving mother to 11 calves of which she kept 2 of them close to her for 2 years, which is a rare occurrence! Normally weaning for whales occurs between 6 and 10 months after birth, but some calves may stay with the mother for up to a year before separating.

Pepper loves going back to the same feeding area pretty much each year, so the guys for WDC can see her quite often in the local waters around Cape Cod. Sometimes she has been seen venturing towards North Canada. We learnt that in 2009 she successfully freed herself from a net she got entangled in, perhaps due to her extensive experience.

Sluntswear save the whales donation: read more about the humpack whale we have adopted on sluntswear.com
Sluntswear and saving the whales donations. If you want to help us raise donations and make a different please visit slunstwear.com

Help us saving the whales!

Help us save the whales - buy a t-shirt and we will donate 1 euro to save the whales! Sluntswear.com
Help us save the oceans and lower CO2. Get more info on sluntswear.com
For every sale we make we will donate 1 euro to save the whales, help us donate by purchsing our tops on sluntswear.com or dare2swear.com
We are collecting donation after each sale we make to support a greater cause such as saving the Oceans and saving the whales! Help us lower CO2 and save our world. Shop on Dare2swear.com